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Selling Your Story In 60 Seconds by Michael Hauge

Book: Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds

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This renowned book has now helped countless writers and filmmakers overcome their fear of pitching and get their screenplays and manuscripts read by agents, editors and producers.

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Whether on the telephone or at writers’ conferences, film festivals and pitch fests, writers repeatedly face the challenge of having only a minute or two to convince the people in power to read their work. This proven approach to revealing the key commercial components of a story in a succinct, powerful way will insure that agents, producers or publishers will insist on seeing any writer’s screenplay or manuscript. Among the many insights included are:

  • The 8 Steps to a Powerful Pitch
  • The Cardinal Rule of Pitching
  • The 10 Essential Elements of Story
  • Designing a Marketing Plan
  • Pitching Other People’s Work

And much more, including “The Best Pitch I Ever Heard” : exclusive interviews with more than 40 top agents, publishers, film executives, novelists and screenwriters on what makes a successful pitch.

“Finally, someone’s got it right. Michael Hauge’s book is insightful and totally on the mark for anyone interested in pitching their screenplay. Write a screenplay, then read this book, and half the work is done.”

Syd FieldScreenwriter, Lecturer, Author: Screenplay; The Screenwriter's Workbook; The Screenwriter's Problem Solver

“I have made most of our sales – including Wedding Crashers – by pitching. I wish Michael Hauge’s method had been around when I was starting out—it would have saved me most of the humiliation, and some of the stuttering.”

Bob FisherScreenwriter: Wedding Crashers; We're the Millers; Creator, Executive Producer: Sirens

“Props to Michael Hauge, who once again advances his timeless insights, this time into perhaps the most under-utilized tool in the professional writer’s war chest: the telephone pitch. Armed with his savvy methods, you’ll commandeer the meaningful consideration you and your work deserve.”

Diane CairnsProducer; Screenwriter; Former Senior VP: ICM; former Senior VP of Production, Universal Pictures


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