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Michael Hauge’s STORY MASTERY

Drawing on his decades as a Hollywood script consultant, author and lecturer, Michael will show the most powerful methods for eliciting emotion in your readers and audiences through story concept, plot structure, character development and theme.


Hollywood script and story consultant Michael Hauge will present a special, limited enrollment workshop, exclusively for writers who attend his all day seminar on Saturday, October 7th.

Better Stories, Better Business

For two intensive days, renowned Hollywood story expert Michael Hauge and World Champion Speaker and business strategist Darren LaCroix will give you the tools to create your own presentation, guaranteed to grow your business and transform your audiences


During this exclusive, all-day seminar for WWE’s Creative Writing Team, Michael will present his unique approach to creating compelling stories for film, television and social media.

Toronto International Film Festival TWO-DAY STORY & PITCHING EVENT

Michael will reveal the ways that the greatest films create an emotional experience by going deeper into their characters, revealing their wounds, fears and longings, and showing how their vulnerability and courage can be reflected in our own lives.

IFF (Indie Family and Friends) Forum

During the this event, Hollywood story expert and best-selling author Michael Hauge will give you the six simple steps you must employ to create vivid, emotionally gripping stories that will transform your audiences and readers, move them to action, and ultimately increase your client list and your revenue.


What Others Say About Michael’s Presentations

In early April 2013, I attended your all day workshop in Seattle, and was lucky enough to land a spot in the intensive seminar the following day. For two years prior to that I had submitted my novel to several agents and editors … but received only rejections. After your workshop I completely restructured my manuscript. By June, two publishers had offered me three-book deals, and three agents had made offers of representation. Sourcebooks will release my debut novel in the fall of 2015, the first in the VIKING WARRIORS series. Thank you for an amazing workshop!

Asa Maria BradleyAuthor: Viking Warriors Series
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